Breed of the Month

in 2022 we are offering breed of the month

Each Month a breed/species will be selected from your votes. Those who qualify for that month can enter down below on this page to win a 30% voucher to be used THAT month for any photoshoot package.

Mixbreeds are welcome. Eg; if the breed of the month is a Husky and you have a Husky X you are welcome to enter.

The Winner needs to book their photoshoot in the month they've won, so don't enter if you are unable to book your photoshoot that month. If you win for January, your shoot needs to be in January. Winners will be drawn prior to the month to give the winner ample time to make plans and book in a session.

September Breed of the Month Entries

When you have filled out the form, please also email through an image of your pet or send me your pets instagram

January Winner

Jess Kelpie @kelpie.jess

February Winner

Basil Corgi @basiltheozcorgi

March Winner

Sundae Border Collie sundae_theredbc

April Winner

Posie Dachshund @posie_the_pipsqueak

May Winner

Souffle Cat @souffiegram

June Winner

Willow Staffy @willow.the.bluestaffy

July Winner

Boston Australian Shepherd

August Winner



September Winner

Raven and Ember Dalmatians


October Winner

November Winner

December Winner